Exclusive Product Parisian Glam Night Oliver Gal Wall Art
Parisian Glam Night

In this revival of golden era and Art Deco inspired piece, gold foil layers intermix with black Sumi brushstrokes to create a geometric game of square and circle shapes crowned with the coco emblem and the address of the flagship store in Paris. 31 Rue Cambon is written across in hand applied gold leaf over cold-pressed pure white paper in a glossy white shadow box.

Exclusive Product Cha Cha Queen Oliver Gal Wall Art
Cha Cha Queen

With a tropical allure and a wink to Haute Couture royalty, this mixed media piece features an unknown beauty in emerald stone sunglasses with hints of pigmented diamond dust in her lipstick and some florals with the logo of the French Couture House imprinted through different perfume labels as a background for the face which is then crowned with blossoming blush and crimson Dutch flowers.

Exclusive Product Parisian Night Fierce Oliver Gal Wall Art
Parisian Night Fierce

Signifying a mix of power, seduction, and mystery, snakes represent knowledge in Greek and Roman art. In the above contrasting pieces, the hand-painted figures have been gilded with hand-applied 24K gold leaf and ultra-fine champagne and black diamond dust and displayed in a glossy black shadow box.