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  • Rue Cambon
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  • Love My Maltese
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  • Love My Beagle

Who is Oliver

For the love of art

The Oliver Gal Artists Co. is a growing art and lifestyle brand in South Florida, spearheaded by sisters and artists Lola Sánchez & Ana Sánchez Gal.

What Oliver Gal Collectors are saying...

I am obsessed with these works of art. I have ordered numerous pieces. They make me feel girly, strong and fabulous. Thank you for creating what I see in my mind but do not have the talent to bring to life on canvas =)

Illona Isabella

August 12, 2015

As a designer I love this company. It allows my clients to have really a fun and interesting contemporary art collection at an attainable price! This brand is inspiring a whole new market of art collectors.

Ruben D Gutierrez

Errez Design

More than love the piece I ordered, addicted and want a few more. My problem, so many beauties to pick from!

Michelle Polanco

February 19, 2015

Video: This is where the magic happens.

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