Why are Art Gifts Perfect for Any Occasion?

Discover the do's and don'ts of gifting wall art and learn to choose the perfect piece for each of your loved ones.

Why are Art Gifts Perfect for Any Occasion?

Discover the do's and don'ts of gifting wall art and learn to choose the perfect piece for each of your loved ones.

Gift-giving is an act of love and appreciation, but it can also be quite an overwhelming task. It demands careful consideration of personal preferences, budgetary constraints, and the desire to find that perfect present that embodies thoughtfulness and sincerity.

Unlike many other gift ideas that may lose their appeal over time or become outdated, giving wall art to someone you love is a timeless option that can be enjoyed for years to come. Moreover, beyond its timeless appeal, wall art is an incredibly thoughtful and unique gift that showcases a deep understanding of your loved ones’ interests and tastes.

By carefully selecting a piece of art that resonates with their unique personality, you create a visual representation of your affection, making it one of the most memorable and treasured gifts you could ever give. 

A Cherished Gift for Centuries

“Art is a form of love. Art is the ultimate gift. Art heals life.”


Throughout history, many renowned artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Marcel Duchamp, have recognized the value and impact of giving art as a gift. For these artists, the act of gifting art was not just a gesture of generosity, but they also believed it is a meaningful and timeless gift that can evoke emotions and create a lasting impression.

Easier Said Than Done?

When it comes to giving someone you love a piece of wall art, there are endless possibilities and no wrong way to go about it. Each piece can be appreciated in its own way. However, there are 3 key questions you need to ask yourself to ensure that you choose artworks that will be appreciated and cherished just the way you want to.

What are their likes and passions?

It's important to take into account your loved ones’ interests, hobbies, and personalities. Ask yourself what type of art they would be drawn to based on their preferences.

For example, if they’re interested in pop culture or consider themselves high-fashion collectors, match their style with our glam wall art. If they’re ceaseless daydreamers who like to think positively at all times, you could try our motivational wall art. Or if they’re rather artful aestheticists, our abstract wall art is the perfect choice for them.

If you're not sure about their preferences, take a look at the pieces they have displayed in their home, or ask their friends or family members for some guidance!

What is their decor style?

The wall art piece you give should complement and enhance your loved one’s existing wall decor. If the artwork clashes with their home decor style, it may not be displayed in a visible spot or even not at all.

For example, if your friend’s home has a bohemian decor style with earthy tones and wood wall art, a bold and colorful piece may not be the best choice. On the other hand, if their home has a more eclectic decor style with lots of different colors and textures, a vibrant and modern wall art piece may be a perfect fit.

Where would they display their new wall decor?

Asking yourself this question will ensure that the piece you choose to give as a gift is displayed in a way that fits the room and creates harmonious wall decor. If the artwork is too large or too small for the space, it may not look aesthetically pleasing.

For example, if your loved one lives in a small apartment with limited space, a large wall art piece may not be the best choice. At the same time, if their place has high ceilings and wide walls, a small canvas won’t make the impact you're looking for.

Express Your Love Through Art

“In a world where material possessions come and go, art has the power to transcend time. As an artist, I believe that giving art as a gift is a way of sharing something truly meaningful and profound with those we care about.”


At Oliver Gal, we strongly believe that art is for everyone. That's why we put a lot of effort into creating wall art pieces that are versatile, timeless, and suitable for any style or taste. Nevertheless, we've simplified the process to help you find the perfect art gift for your loved ones through our curated gift guides.

A work of art can make a great gift,

even for the most difficult person to shop for. But if you’re still hesitating…