Large Abstract Wall Art


Make a bold statement and redefine the visual landscape of your space with eye-catching large abstract wall art. These captivating artworks are designed to command attention, infusing your walls with creativity.

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The Magnitude of Large Abstract Wall Art

Enhance your space with the following advantages of large abstract canvas wall art:

Dramatic Focal Point 

Abstract large canvas wall art serves as a dramatic focal point, instantly drawing the eye and becoming the centerpiece of your room. The scale and presence of these abstract artworks make a powerful visual impact.

Room Transformation 

Transform the overall atmosphere of your room with the magical effect of large abstract wall art. These oversized pieces can alter the perception of the room, adding a sense of depth, dimension, and artistic flair.

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Versatility in Styling 

The versatility of large abstract pieces allows for various styling options. Whether you prefer a single abstract large wall art as a statement piece or a curated arrangement of oversized canvases, the possibilities for customization are vast.

Main Types of Large Abstract Wall Art

Explore the diverse types of large abstract wall art available at Oliver Gal:

  • Expressive Brushstroke Canvases: Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of expressive brushstroke canvases. Large abstract pieces with bold and fluid brushstrokes add a sense of movement and spontaneity to your walls.
  • Geometric Abstractions: Embrace the order and balance of geometric shapes on a grand scale. Large abstract artworks featuring precise lines and forms create visually captivating compositions that add a modern touch to your living space.
  • Multilayered Textures: Experience the tactile beauty of multilayered textures in oversized abstract art. These large artworks often incorporate various materials and techniques, adding depth and richness to the visual experience.

How to Choose Large Abstract Wall Art: 3 Tips

Consider these tips for choosing large abstract wall art that complements your space:

Consider Room Size: large abstract wall art works best in spacious rooms where it can be appreciated from a distance. Consider the size of your room and the available wall space to ensure a harmonious fit.

Harmonize with Decor Elements: choose artworks that harmonize with existing decor elements, such as furniture, textiles, and other colors present in the room. Harmonizing creates a cohesive and visually pleasing atmosphere.

Statement Placement: place large abstract pieces where they can make the most impact. Consider focal points such as above a sofa, behind a dining table, or on a prominent wall to create a striking statement.

Why Choose Oliver Gal for Large Abstract Wall Art?

Discover the unique advantages of selecting Oliver Gal for your Large Abstract Wall Art:

  • Artistic Excellence: Oliver Gal ensures artistic excellence in every large abstract artwork, combining creativity with attention to detail.
  • Wide Range of Designs: Explore a diverse collection that caters to various artistic tastes, from classic to contemporary. Find the perfect Large Abstract Wall Art that resonates with your unique style and enhances the ambiance of your space.
  • Customizable Sizing: Tailor your art to seamlessly fit your space with Oliver Gal's customizable sizing options. Choose dimensions that complement your walls and overall design.
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Shop with confidence, knowing that Oliver Gal offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, you can return it for a risk-free shopping experience.
  • Fast and Free Shipping: Experience the convenience of fast and free shipping within the USA when you choose Oliver Gal. Your selected large abstract canvas wall art will be delivered promptly to your doorstep, ready to transform your space into an immersive gallery.

FAQs on Large Abstract Wall Art

Can large abstract wall art suit smaller rooms?

While large abstract art is often suited for spacious rooms, it can also work in smaller rooms if carefully selected. Consider choosing a single large piece or a curated arrangement that complements the room's scale without overwhelming it.

How do I create balance with large abstract art?

Create balance by incorporating other design elements, such as furniture and decor accessories, that complement the style and color palette of the large abstract artwork. Balance the visual weight of the art with other elements in the room.

Are there specific themes associated with large abstract wall art?

Themes vary widely in large abstract art, ranging from expressive and energetic to calming and contemplative. Explore different themes to find a large abstract piece that resonates with your personal style and the ambiance you want to create in your space.